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Want professional copywriting that SELLS and for a fixed price?

I can help you with copy for:

In addition I provide a copy editing service to put those final touches on your work and give it that professional edge.

For copy that is adaptable, appropriate and affordable me now for an obligation free quote and to discuss how I can help your business now or in the future.


I offer general and specialist scientific copywriting services. I have an Honours degree in Science (majoring in Anatomy and Biochemistry) and a Masters of Arts (Communication); as well as publications in international scientific journals. I can provide your business with specialist scientific copywriting to suit your needs. So whether you're promoting your medical practice or selling a house I can provide the solution.


Good copy meets the needs of the business by addressing its target audience in an appropriate tone of voice. Not all copywriting has to be IN YOUR FACE - although often that's the best approach. Some products and services require a more subtle approach. Tell me all about your business, and I'll devise a strategy suitable for your product or service.


I quote a fixed price (never 'by-the-hour') - so with no hidden costs you know upfront how much the work will be. me now for an obligation free quote.